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This subreddit is for users of Bitcoin in Australia.

This subreddit is for users of Bitcoin in Australia.

How can i buy bitcoins (aus) /r/Bitcoin

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How can i buy bitcoins (aus)

I tried coinbase and didnt work after many attempts.
I just want something simple. No passport or id. Paypal would be cool. I want something fast and with low cost transaction fees.
Can anyone help me out, Thanks
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Buy Bitcoin (AUS) LBC GST?

So this mean man Joe Hockey has put a 10% GST on bitcoin so the exchanges are 10% more, do LBC sellers charge GST in Australia?
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Best place to buy partial coins in aus? (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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How to buy bitcoin under 18 in AUS.

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Buying with Bitcoins

I've got a preexisting bitcoin account which has my real name, address blah blah.
Would it be silly to use this account to purchase things on TOR?
Also any help re buying bitcoins (aus) that doesnt want super verification would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Buying Bitcoin Cash in Aus

I'm looking for advice for a new investor. I'm in Australia with NAB and am trying to figure out the best way to invest in bitcoin cash without a bunch of transaction fees :)
I was looking at services such as coinbase and kraken however there doesn't seem to be a direct bank account to bch transfer... Maybe I just don't quite understand this system enough :D
Any help would be much appreciated!
Edit: Wasn't expecting so many replies! It's true what people say about this community hehe :)
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Recommendation to buy / sell bitcoins and eth in AUS

I am from oversees and not familiar with reliable sites in Australia. Which sites are trustworthy if I want to buy / sell bitcoins/ eth using my Australian bank account? Anything similiar in AUS like KRaken or Coinbase?
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Buy books in Aus with Bitcoin? (or bch,eth, xmr etc)

I normally use Amazon US since the titles I want are low print-run, old, or academic specific.
But is there anyone in Aus with a linked catalogue search and access to major distributors/publishers - and who accepts crypto?
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Looking to buy my first bitcoin (Aus)

I am in Australia and looking to buy my first bitcoin, I have been following bitcoin for a while and have a wallet with with a whole 0.0001BTC in it from faucets I used to dip my toes :).
I have noticed a lot of people recommend Circe, CoinBase, Kraken LoclBitCoins, but I am looking for on that I can just buy them as I want them (using PayPal or CC) rather than link a bank account to an exchange.
I looked at a few that trade in AUD, but they are over $400/BTC and if I was to get one using USD (currently around $335-$340USD/BTC) then with the exchange rate it would equal around $380AUD/BTC instead. (only $20 i know, but that's around $20 extra bitcoin I can buy :))
Also does anyone know if there are any particular laws I should know about being Aussie?
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Living in the UK, want to buy property in Aus /r/AusFinance

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Is there somewhere in Melbourne (AUS) I can buy btc using cash? /r/Bitcoin

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Buying first BTC in AUS /r/Bitcoin

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Buying Bitcoin Cash in Aus /r/btc

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What Aus exchange has little fees for credit card I want to buy dip :( /r/Bitcoin

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Cheapest place to buy Bitcoin in Aus /r/Bitcoin

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Buying Bitcoin in Aus from local sellers on Mycelium. Anyone with any experience?

Hey Bitcoin Aus,
Like the rest of you, i'm unhappy regarding the 10% tax on Bitcoin. It's not a good, and it's not a service, right? So why are we paying Goods and Services Tax? If I were to convert AUD to USD I wouldn't pay a 10% tax. Right? Anyway, this morning I was casually browsing and learnt about Mycelium - - which allows for direct trades Fiat to Bitcoin in person with a merchant. I figure if i'm not paying tax there's a real incentive to try it out. I plan to buy about 5 Bitcoins, and at the current rate it works out to something like an extra .5 BTC, so I think that's worth meeting someone at a cafe for. Any one have any experience with this? And is it illegal not to pay tax if doing a direct sale? I mean, I can sell goods and services on or by hosting a garage sale without incorporating a tax, and that's legal. How does this differ? Why should I be discriminated against by incompetent grey haired politicians?
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HELP: Website where you can buy ANYTHING with bitcoin (just insert link)?

I am sure I've seen this type of website before. Where you just submit a link to any shopping website, along with your address details => a human will connect with you via chat => give you payment details for cryptocurrency/bitcoin and they will do the card payment thats required.
Please help me out here. Googled but cannot find it. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Was a bit unclear. I am not looking for a website that offers every type of product like, etc.
"Buy anything" as in you could submit any link, to any shopping website, and pay with crypto to a "personal shopper" that handles the card transaction for you.
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how do i even get a hold of ket?

super hard to come by as far as i know (central coast, nsw, aus). was tempted to buy some off the deep web but i cbf dealing with bitcoins. any idea how to find a good plug? cheers.
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Is there anyway to buy crypto without id anymore?

Any1 have markets 4 it? Its illegal to buy xmr in aus now so is there a spot 2 buy bitcoin w no id 2 convert to xmr on cake
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[WTS] Mercury/SLQ Centennial Gold, Gold Prospectors, Russia 5/10 Roubles, AU Peace Dollars

Prices are firm. My goal is to limit the amount of time I spend on each deal. I am trying to price the items attractively and don't want to negotiate. However, I am willing to combine or eliminate shipping costs if you are buying more than one lot. FOR BITCOIN SALES I WILL KNOCK 1% OFF PRICE
Prices are subject to change if gold and silver go crazy (current prices $1967, $27.94)
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SOLD SOLD SOLD Lot 4: 2016-W SLQ Centennial 0.25 oz Gold Coin Commem ANACS SP70 - Spot + $75
Lot 5: 2008-W $5 Gold Buffalo 1/10 oz Gold ANACS SP70 - $500
NEEDS TO BE REHOLDERED. This coin should be sent back to ANACS to be put in a new slab. They will give it the same grade automatically (ANACS, different companies will have to regrade the coin). The plastic slab has lines in it right above the coin (see pics).
Lot 6: 2007 Discover Australia $15 1/10 oz Great White Shark NGC PF70 UCAM - $260
Lot 7: 2007 Discover Australia $5 1/25 oz Great White Shark NGC PF70 UCAM - $135
SOLD SOLD SOLD Lot 8: 1902 Russia 5 Roubles Gold (0.1245 AGW) - Spot + $35 (ignore price sticker)
SOLD SOLD SOLD Lot 9: 1900 Russia 10 Roubles Gold (0.2489 AGW) - Spot + $35
NOTE: This coin has a slight scratch on the reverse.
Lot 10: 1899 Russia 10 Roubles Gold (0.2489 AGW) - Spot + $50 (3 available)
SOLD SOLD SOLD Lot 11: 1898 Russia 10 Roubles Gold, Better Date - Spot + $100
Lot 12: AU (Almost Uncirculated) Peace Dollars (40 total, pick any amount, min of 4) - $26 each
Many sliders (AUs that are just about BU) here. I pick the coins. I will start with the nicest. You could also let me know if you prefer differing dates, whitest coins, etc. Many of these still have nice mint luster and cartwheel.
Any one of the slabbed coins can come with a nice display box if you add $9.00
Shipping: USPS First Class $4, Priority $10. I'll try to combine / eat shipping as much as I can for multiple lot orders. Shipping to USA only.
Payment options in order of preference: BTC, Zelle, Venmo, PPGS+3%, PPFF no notes
PMs only please. No chat.
Thanks for looking and please let me know if I am doing anything wrong or inadvisable.
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