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Dubes vs Jeran, the fraud case malarky

This subject actually came up before, and I mentioned it when Red's Rhetoric was chasing this rumour. However I recently fell upon this rather fun back and forth between Lord Eric Dubay, saviour of the Flat Earth Movement, and Jeran 'everything is fake and gay!' Campanella.
Basically it appears that Jeran was involved with a gentleman who was/is wanted for fraud, and walking off with $80,000, considering that Jeran has a very public profile and if he was genuinely trying to hide from anyone I don't doubt that he had no idea and isn't wanted for fraud, however this dialogue between them shows the hot-headedness of both of these flat Earth behemoths.
Eric Dubay: Everything is cataloged here in this thread for everyone who wants to see the truth instead of listen to Jeran carry on with his lies about me and IFERS:ifers.boards.net/thread/522/saying-hi-happy-jeranism You have been formally accused of stealing that money Jeran, and JeranCampanella.com was created by the man who accused you of stealing the $80,000. I'm sure you will maintain that you did not, but I am just stating what I have read, that is NOT libel. On that website that was made about you it claims that you threatened him much like you're doing to me now! web.archive.org/.../http://jerancampanella.com/ If you are innocent then you have nothing to worry about man, I'm just reporting what people on IFERS dug up about your past. Just saying hi! Happy to be here! Jeranism | The International Flat Earth Research... ifers.boards.net
Jeranism Changer: You are fucking done. I will go to court then. What an idiot! I WAS AN INVESTIGATOR
Jeran's insane rant as follows : Jeranism Changer: I wrote for cryptocoinnews.com
Eric Dubay: Go to court with what? That I reported on someone's accusation of you? Good luck with that.
Jeranism Changer: www.cryptocoinsnews.com/authojeran-campanella/ Jeran Campanella, Author at CCN: Financial Bitcoin News I'm a married, self employed husband, father, friend... cryptocoinsnews.com
Jeranism Changer: YOU ACCUSED ME
Jeranism Changer: I have it screen shot
Jeranism Changer: You have publicly stated that I stole $80,000 WHAT KIND OF RESEARCH DO YOU CALL THIS?
Eric Dubay: You can read it yourself: web.archive.org/.../http://jerancampanella.com/ Please explain yourself. Jeran Campanella Scammer Extortionist | Jeran Campanella is a scammer and extortionist Jeran Campanella Scammer Extortionist July 13, 2014 admin 1 Comment Jeran Campanella posts lies about Dr. Michael Moriarty and attempts to extort him for 20 Bitcoins to halt his nefarious campaign of personal defamation .. EMAIL PROOF of EXTORTION/BLACKMAIL: After corresponding with Jeran Campanella… web.archive.org
Jeranism Changer: bitscan.com/articles/autho4302 Bitcoin News, Analysis, Interviews and Features - BitScan App for iPhone - The World of Bitcoin... bitscan.com
Jeranism Changer: I also wrote for bitscan you idiot
Jeranism Changer: That is being reported by the guy who stole the $80k!!!
Jeranism Changer: DO you think police don't do their job?
Eric Dubay: Right, he said that you stole it, but you say that he stole it, correct?
Jeranism Changer: If I was guilty of anything I would be arrested you fool! You did no research! You cannot just post things you find on the internet on a page that the FBI has removed OMG
Jeranism Changer: This is classic
Jeranism Changer: NO! He is wanted by the FBI
Jeranism Changer: I'm right here clown! Call the police. Call the FBI
Jeranism Changer: I was the one that found out about him so he posted that as retaliation
Jeranism Changer: See what happens?
Jeranism Changer: You got so fucking paranoid you fucking made up a story! How would I be Dr. Michael Moriarty? You think I just slipped the FBI? Wow. I was writing for bitcoin sites as I explained and got an admissionof guilt from Moriarty
Jeranism Changer: What do you want? All emails? Between me and Ricky James? Me and Moriarty? All the ICANN and Corespndence with IC3?
Jeranism Changer: OMG you posted something from the way back machine? That was pulled when the investigators saw it was from him.
Eric Dubay: What's your proof that that guy exists? The only record of his existence I can find is your text interview with him.
Eric Dubay: His picture looks a lot like Connor McGregor in a top hat smile emoticon
Jeranism Changer: My evidence... anything you want... emails?
Jeranism Changer: I have months worth? Vancouver police reports
Eric Dubay: Anyway Jeran, to appease your wishes I will state that I have no idea what happened with this case. Someone at IFERS brought it to my attention. You were indeed accused of this, but I personally will not weigh in on the legitimacy of the claims, okay?
Jeranism Changer: I can't believe of all people you just post this shit when I worked so hard for 7 months to recover funds from a scammer because I felt bad AND IT WAS NO FAULT OF MINE
Jeranism Changer: You already did!
Eric Dubay: You asked me to formally retract that statement, though, so I am.
Jeranism Changer: I worked my ass off to catch a scammer- I am no longer involved in bitcoin because this can happen
Jeranism Changer: This man set-up fake sites in the dozens, stole money and isn't real and with TOR and Proxies stole over $245,000
Eric Dubay: They haven't caught him yet though right?
Jeranism Changer: No he isn't real! How do you catch him?
Jeranism Changer: You don't think my ip was checked when I AM THE ONE WHO GOT THE ADMISSION?
Eric Dubay: Who created his persona?
Jeranism Changer: Haha oh wow. How would I know? We had several leads, about 3-4 names but they are people who are scammers
Jeranism Changer: His name is Eddie Temple
Jeranism Changer: same guy who runs this dockets.justia.com/.../waedce/2:2011mc00007/54559 craigslist Inc v. Tse et al Other case filed on July 29, 2011 in the Washington Eastern District Court dockets.justia.com
Jeranism Changer: Also goes by Shui Young Richard Tse
Jeranism Changer: Also runs operations under Eddie Temple Promotions LTD
Jeranism Changer: He lost a 1.6 million dollar case to Craigs List and they couldn't find him
Jeranism Changer: That's why bitcoin is no good. Nobody could have done this with money or PayPal or credit cards or checks.
Eric Dubay: Alright dude, I appreciate hearing your side of it, I was just reporting on what I'd read.
Jeranism Changer: That's not cool!
Jeranism Changer: Where you read what?
Jeranism Changer: Show me where you read that I stole $80,000
Eric Dubay: It's publicly available on the internet: web.archive.org/.../http://jerancampanella.com/ Jeran Campanella Scammer Extortionist | Jeran Campanella is a scammer and extortionist Jeran Campanella Scammer Extortionist July 13, 2014 admin 1 Comment Jeran Campanella posts lies about Dr. Michael Moriarty and attempts to extort him for 20 Bitcoins to halt his nefarious campaign of personal defamation .. EMAIL PROOF of EXTORTION/BLACKMAIL: After corresponding with Jeran Campanella… web.archive.org
Jeranism Changer: And why you wouldn't come to me first
Jeranism Changer: Who would make a site in someone else's name?
Jeranism Changer: the site name was jerancampanella.com
Eric Dubay: Wasn't that site created by the person who accused you?
Jeranism Changer: Do you think that if you extorted me or blackmailed me I would make ericdubay.com or call the goddamn police
Jeranism Changer: Accused me? THAT ISN'T HOW YOU ACCUSE PEOPLE
Jeranism Changer: It was made by an anonymous website scammer
Eric Dubay: So an anonymous website scammer decided to make a website with your full name and accuse you of scamming?
Jeranism Changer: Of course it was... I outed him and got his admission
Jeranism Changer: WHO ELSE WOULD?
Eric Dubay: Where is his admission?
Jeranism Changer: Wow dude I have lost all respect. You can't even use your brain
Jeranism Changer: If I did a crime I would be arrested
Jeranism Changer: I'll show you even though we should be incourt
Jeranism Changer: YOU ARE AN ASS Eric Dubay
Jeranism Changer: One sec
Eric Dubay: Why am I an ass who can't use his brain for asking questions?
Jeranism Changer: Jeranism Changer's photo.
At this point it appears that Jeran posts images, probably evidence in his favour, however the transcript I found didn't include it
Jeranism Changer: hold up- that is when he responded he had no idea the accusation
Jeranism Changer: Jeranism Changer's photo.
Again appears to be a photo
Jeranism Changer: Wait- what did you say to me?
Jeranism Changer: Why am I an ass who can't use his brain for asking questions?
Jeranism Changer: what does this mean^
Eric Dubay: Yes, you called me an ass and said I can't use my brain.
Eric Dubay: apparently because I've asked you questions
Jeranism Changer: Dude- you did no research and said publicly that I stole $80k
Jeranism Changer: You could ask me first
Enter what appears to be a bystander sick of the thread
Kenneth DeGrasse: apologize. shake hands. get back to work.
Jeranism Changer: How in the hell would I be out and about under my real name if what you said was true?
Jeranism Changer: Jeranism Changer's photo.
Jeranism Changer: This is the kind of person I am Eric Dubay
Jeranism Changer: I was offerred hush money by this thief
Jeranism Changer: I refused and he finally admitted to the theft
Eric Dubay: But he hasn't been caught?
Jeranism Changer: How many times do I have to tell you that we tried for 7 months
Jeranism Changer: I was trying to do good and I had my name dragged through the mud
Jeranism Changer: spent 100's of hours tracking him and all for a few leads
Jeranism Changer: this is why bitcoin is badd
Eric Dubay: How do we know you aren't Michael Moriarty? He sounds a lot like you in those emails and that's what the person who made that website accused you of.
Jeranism Changer: once you pay in btc, it is gone. The customer sent him 80k and he kept it
Jeranism Changer: OMG.. You don't think this was checked? IP addresses Eric Dubay
Eric Dubay: You could've shifted the blame to this fake guy to clear yourself. After 7 months they gave up? IP addresses can be changed.
Jeranism Changer: Do you want the phone # for the Detectives? IP3? Ricky James? Who?
Eric Dubay: We already have all that on IFERS
Eric Dubay: If you have nothing to hide, this publicly available information shouldn't be a concern.
Jeranism Changer: YOU SAID I STOLE 80k you clown
Jeranism Changer: Eric you want to know the sad truth?
Jeranism Changer: The real truth of bitcoin?
Eric Dubay: What's that?
Jeranism Changer: bitlaunder.com/ Launder Bitcoin Completely erase the origins of your bitcoin and de-couple them from previous transactions. We... bitlaunder.com
Jeranism Changer: He still runs the sites
Eric Dubay: MM?
Jeranism Changer: coinchimp.com/ Anonymous Bitcoin Exchange CoinChimp enables you to buy and sell Bitcoins with cash in your local city quickly, easily and anonymously.... coinchimp.com
Jeranism Changer: All Dr. Michael Moriarty
Jeranism Changer: Yes MM
Jeranism Changer: WTF
Eric Dubay: WTF What?
Jeranism Changer: Call the police and have them come check me. You are unbelievable
Jeranism Changer: Because with bitcoin- as I said- you can steal
Jeranism Changer: The money is not traceable and he just keeps going
Jeranism Changer: Do you want to talk to Ricky James?
Eric Dubay: I'm just responding to your diatribe, I'm not on a witch hunt, people on IFERS were digging stuff up and I reported on what I read. I'm not interested in pursuing you or this matter. You tagged me and threatened me so I'm here responding to your threats.
Jeranism Changer: hold on he made a pdf
Eric Dubay: I've seen the pdf
Jeranism Changer: SO you already know
Jeranism Changer: Call Ricky
Eric Dubay: I've read, but I don't know, I'm just looking at the evidence from all angles.
Jeranism Changer: Call Detective Fenton Vancouver police
Jeranism Changer: NO YOU ARENT YOU SAID I STOLE 80k
Eric Dubay: I've retracted my statement per your threat.
Jeranism Changer: Is this how you treat evidence? You took no time and trusted your paranoid little clan
Eric Dubay: You demanded I retract said statement and tagged me in your diatrbie.
Jeranism Changer: on my Youtube and your site?
Eric Dubay: Just a sec.
Jeranism Changer: You have showed your true colors Mr. Eric Dubay
Jeranism Changer: Unbelievable that you would make that claim using no evidence other than a site in my own name calling me a scammer?
Enter a popcorn chomping observer with his oar, and incorrect spelling
Don Adams: This is to funny!!!!
And expected response from Jeran
Jeranism Changer: Cool Don- Youre an ass too
Jeranism Changer: He did no research
Jeranism Changer: confirmation bias by paranoid little minions. Those are your friends Eric?
Jeranism Changer: You have proven me absolutely right. That forum you have is a problem. You don't need protectors Eric Dubay
Don Adams: Man you need to grow a pair! I have no investment in either of you 2 asshats.
Jeranism Changer: Well it isn't funny
Eric Dubay: Ok, I have corrected both on YouTube and the forum. I had originally written "we have discovered on the thread above that you have been caught using multiple aliases and scamming people out of bitcoin money, one person out of $80,000." But as you have corrected me here, you were not "caught," but merely "accused of" so I have changed them to say: "we have discovered on the thread above that you have been accused of using multiple aliases and scamming people out of bitcoin money, one person out of $80,000." Neither of these are "libelous" though. The first one was simply incorrect because you haven't been caught.
The tail end of the conversation sees many getting involved
Dorcas Leigh: when the truth is presented... it is easy to see.... whereas a lie, can NEVER be proved
Jeranism Changer: A scammer stole a man's savings and because I have a heart I helped him and searched and gathered evidence for 7 months
Jeranism Changer: YOU ARE SO DUMB
Jeranism Changer: Show me where that accusation is?
Jeranism Changer: Nevrermind- I'm taking you to court- gave you your chance- Its called Libel. I have saved this thread as well as all original posts
This next post has lost it's formatting and it's hard to work out how much is the quote and how much isn't
Fred Dibb-Western: 22 minutes ago Admin, lizardking and 2 more like this. Quote Post Options Post by thinkforyourself on 22 minutes ago
There is no doubt about it; he is a scammer and a Government Shill.
We cannot trust anything that he says or does.
you are already condemned Jeran lol
Don Adams: Lol
Eric Dubay: Lol is right.
Jeranism Changer: Good for you all. Hope you sell a bunch of books Eric. I gave you every shot
Dorcas Leigh: Eric... bro... you need to put yerself in his shoes for a minute... look at who YOU are .. to other's... and who Jeran is... to other's... and realEYES how this is affecting everyone... and be responsible for what YOU do... this is yer MOM speaking... !!!! heart emoticon
Eric Dubay: Saying you were caught for a scam you were only accused of is not libelous.
Eric Dubay: It's incorrect, and I have corrected the mistake to say "accused of."
Jeranism Changer: I was not accused you clown
Eric Dubay: This is an accusation: web.archive.org/.../http://jerancampanella.com/ Jeran Campanella Scammer Extortionist | Jeran Campanella is a scammer and extortionist Jeran Campanella Scammer Extortionist July 13, 2014 admin 1 Comment Jeran Campanella posts lies about Dr. Michael Moriarty and attempts to extort him for 20 Bitcoins to halt his nefarious campaign of personal defamation .. EMAIL PROOF of EXTORTION/BLACKMAIL: After corresponding with Jeran Campanella… web.archive.org
Jeranism Changer: If someone accuses a crime- you go to the police
Eric Dubay: That's what you say. You say he's the scammer, he says you are.
Jeranism Changer: Can't you use your fucking head!!!!
Jeranism Changer: OMG I am right here stupid clown
Eric Dubay: Yes I can.
Eric Dubay: Hello.
Jeranism Changer: That site isn't up anymore
Jeranism Changer: No you can't
Jeranism Changer: You are an idiot
Eric Dubay: You are emotional.
Jeranism Changer: I respected you
Jeranism Changer: I spoke highly about you
Eric Dubay: I respected you, that's why I gave you $200
Jeranism Changer: YEAH!
Eric Dubay: Same here.
Jeranism Changer: IM LIVID
Eric Dubay: I see that.
Jeranism Changer: How does that feel to me?
Eric Dubay: It shouldn't feel like anything if it's false. I'm just reporting on a claim made publicly on the internet that anyone can see.
Jeranism Changer: There is no fucking legit claim! C'mon use your brain dude
Eric Dubay: Why are you so upset dude?
Jeranism Changer: accusing me of extrotion
Jeranism Changer: the site is jerancampanella.com
Jeranism Changer: Are you kidding?
Eric Dubay: Yes, be mad at him.
Jeranism Changer: Cause you blindly trust your team of crackheads over there
Jeranism Changer: The site has been removed right?
Eric Dubay: No I don't, I'm asking you, but you're just acting more suspicious.
Eric Dubay: Threatening me and getting upset, calling me names.
Jeranism Changer: Because the IC3 found it unvalid
Jeranism Changer: You pulled the info off a site that had been removed
Dorcas Leigh: wrong Eric... you are not considering who YOU are.. people value your 'opinion'.. and are moved by it... it would be different if you were just an ouotside spectator... but you are NOT and Jeran is not... you are being irresponsible and childish and egocentered... in your stillness?
Eric Dubay: So what do you guys want?
Eric Dubay: You tagged me and told me to respond.
Eric Dubay: I'm here.
Jeranism Changer: I want respect
Eric Dubay: Lol. Earn it.
Jeranism Changer: Wow
Jeranism Changer: I told you I would
Dorcas Leigh: eye want you boys to kiss and make up ...we have work to do
Eric Dubay: I wasn't impressed with the laser test, were you?
Eric Dubay: Why hasn't it been shined across the ocean yet?
Jeranism Changer: Eric can we talk PM
Eric Dubay: Publicly is fine.
Jeranism Changer: It has... did you watch last night?
Jeranism Changer: And by the way- I'll send you the $200 back
Jeranism Changer: LAST THING I WANT
Jeranism Changer: absolute no interest
Eric Dubay: I don't want my money back, I just want you to stop threatening me.
Eric Dubay: Will you stop threatening me with unfounded lawsuits?
Jeranism Changer: I didn't threaten you- you trusted your paranoid crack research team that did terrible investigating
Jeranism Changer: Ever heard of confirmation bias?
Eric Dubay: Just because I said: "we have discovered on the thread above that you have been accused of using multiple aliases and scamming people out of bitcoin money, one person out of $80,000." That is not libel, it is reporting on an actual accusation. You have given your side and I really don't care to be honest.
It's at this point one of the onlookers has a bloody good idea
Dorcas Leigh: take it to the motel guys.. and come back when you cool off... people will be saving these conversations and throwing them back at you.. be careful.. take responsibility for this movemnet which you have in a BIG way been the impetus for
Does anyone take any notice of Dorcas Leigh?
Jeranism Changer: ERIC IT IS A LIE
Jeranism Changer: Show me where it says 80k
Jeranism Changer: You keep lying that is how I know you did no research
Jeranism Changer: You trusted your dumb followers
Jeranism Changer: Show me said accusation
Jeranism Changer: The link you keep posting says 20 btc
Jeranism Changer: Jeranism Changer's photo.
Eric Dubay: Ricky James said 80K: ifers.boards.net/post/11355/thread Just saying hi! Happy to be here! Jeranism | The International Flat Earth Research... ifers.boards.net
Jeranism Changer: Prove the $80,000 claim you keep making
Eric Dubay: It's not my claim, I'm reporting on someone else's claim.
Jeranism Changer: RICKY JAMES is the customer accusing MM
Jeranism Changer: You said it as fact- it is a lie
Eric Dubay: And MM is suspected to be a fake name you created.
Jeranism Changer: show me anywhere is says I am accused of 80k
Eric Dubay: I said you were accused of it, that's true.
Jeranism Changer: That's another count
Jeranism Changer: These are all being recorded
Jeranism Changer: You can't just say lies
Eric Dubay: Good, then chill out.
Jeranism Changer: There are email records - talk to RickyJames
Jeranism Changer: Eric you think I deserve this?
Eric Dubay: Deserve what?
Jeranism Changer: Moriarty put me through straight hell for 8 months
Jeranism Changer: Deserve what?
Jeranism Changer: Dude I cannot believe what happened to you
At this point I personally was feeling a bit of pity for Jeran, but what came next was, well, paranoia only capable by someone who believes that the world is flat
Jeranism Changer: They got to you didn't they
Jeranism Changer: smh
Jeranism Changer: All about truth while posting false accusation after blatant lie
Christian Acero: hope [email protected] getting paid forall this cyphening...etc
Jeranism Changer: You read the PDF Eric? That Ricky James wrote?
The paranoia... it is beginning to hurt
Dorcas Leigh: eye cant believe Eric posted something which would injure Jeran, without confronting him first... right after JUST sending him 200 bucks... you know what... this is starting to stink ... of, "gotten to'... if not... then grow up Eric, you acted hastily and without consideration for what it may cause , not only Jeran, but this entire movement...do you GET that??! n... say you are sorry, and tell the TRUTH....... did someone threaten you recently?
Jeranism Changer: All he had to do is think
Jeranism Changer: Use critical thinking and not confirmation bias
Eric Dubay: Ok, I'm sorry and will use more critical thinking next time, okay daddy?
Jeranism Changer: You guys went on a witch hunt and thought you found something
Jeranism Changer: I don't want to be your daddy- friends woulda been good
Jeranism Changer: Did you read the pdf?
Eric Dubay: Ok friend.
Dorcas Leigh: eye dont mind bein yer daddy.... lolol
Michael J Kahnke: Some crack team over there at IFERS, eh? If I were you, Eric Dubay? I'd delete the post, and not change around a couple words to see if you can make it less slanderous. I think Jeran has explained and shared enough that we can see this is an unfair attack, motivated by someone who is seeking a dishonest gain. To continue to feed these rumors by twisting the language around looks baaaaad. You just bought the scandal when you decided to 'tweak' it, instead of erase it.
Jeranism Changer: If you read that just think- how would Ricky James know to email me?
Jeranism Changer: Here we go
Jeranism Changer: Watch out it's Eric's handlers
Jeranism Changer: Eric I want to see you understand me
Jeranism Changer: THINK DUDE- According to your little theory I would have to be all 3 people
Jeranism Changer: In which case what? I stole 80k from me?
Jeranism Changer: You jumped to conclusions and this is the order of the day at your paranoid forum
Jeranism Changer: Innocent till proven guilty..... You guys go by guilty till we find proof then confirmed guilty
Fred Dibb-Western: you should see the circle jerk which is going down at the IFERS right now
Jeranism Changer: Oh I bet
Jeranism Changer: They thought they found something
Jeranism Changer: Turns out they found a case that was me being a good person and helping someone try and catch a thief for 8 months- costing my family and I money while I had my name dragged in the mud
These damn people keep getting involved about what the thread was originally about, damn them for staying on topic
Josh Bailey: Jeranism, how far can that laser actually shine spec wise?
Jeranism Changer: BUT there is no way that any investigation could come to the conclusion that I am MM
Eric Dubay: Do you know how guilty you sound?
Eric Dubay: You won't shut up about it.
Jeranism Changer: MM is still running sites... stealing money... FBI is on him- like Eric and his team beat the FBI in realizing it was me the journalist the whole time. And I woulda gotta way with it too if it wasn't for those kids
Jeranism Changer: Keep bringing it clown
Jeranism Changer: Every time you know is another charge>
Jeranism Changer: You know that right?
Jeranism Changer: 14 so far
Eric Dubay: Lol.
Eric Dubay: 14 charges of exposing douches on the net?
Jeranism Changer: Wow
Jeranism Changer: You have no brain
Eric Dubay: 15, right?
Jeranism Changer: None
Eric Dubay: Can't say douche?
Jeranism Changer: no
Dorcas Leigh: take responsibility for actions quickly... if yer gonna be a truth guru.. wee little folk...are gonna make you earn it... grow up... dont hang in that ego or it will destroy you
Jeranism Changer: you can say that
Eric Dubay: Lol, and what are the 14 things you decided I can't say?
Jeranism Changer: every time you said 80k and post that post that the IC3 pulled
Josh Bailey: the last thing I wanna hear is something to do with the flat earth being in court, I reckon that would infect the movement big time
Jeranism Changer: I don't want to take this guy to court
Jeranism Changer: You have no idea the respect I had till 12 hours ago
Jeranism Changer: makes me sick
Josh Bailey: mate just do your testing and you will gain unbelievable respect, there is 7+ billion people in the world and youtube is a hit. When you get your test results in everything is gonna blow up for the good of the world lol
Eric Dubay: Yes, focus on that please.
Eric Dubay: Let's see this video.
Eric Dubay: Can you get to work on that for us instead of threatening and freaking out at me for posting links?
Jeranism Changer: We are done Eric Dubay
Eric Dubay: Yay!
Josh Bailey: it would be best man, I don't wanna sound like I am taking sides because I am not, but focusing on negativity never gets anything good done, lets focus on the test and good will come i promise you. You can never solve a situation with the vibration that caused it.
Jeranism Changer: Did you see the live stream last night?
Jeranism Changer: Let me guess you talked more shit on my YT making comments on the video you haven't seen
Eric Dubay: I thought so, but didn't see the part where the laser goes all the way across the ocean and proves the flat Earth.
Dorcas Leigh: we feel that too Jeran ... .. its like disillusionment and betrayal... we all LOVE you Eric! ... and Jeran! heart emoticon
Jeranism Changer: Then you didn't watch at all
Jeranism Changer: You are talking shit and all this through what your team says
Eric Dubay: I watched on Ustream and YouTube, sorry I missed it. Can you give me a link with a time-stamp?
Jeranism Changer: You don't even exist anymore
Josh Bailey: is there any chance it can be uploaded to your channel, I missed it
Jeranism Changer: You are lizardking
Jeranism Changer: Eric you didn't see it but talked shit this morning about it
Eric Dubay: No, I'm not. Now who's making unfounded accusations? I'm taking you to court for calling me lizardking. Did you know that's libelous?
Jeranism Changer: THAT IS REAL RESEARCH?
Jeranism Changer: That's truth?
Eric Dubay: Let me copy/paste the definition of libel for you to read, Jeran...
Jeranism Changer: No it sin't
Josh Bailey: lol, eric tuck your tale in bro tongue emoticon
Jeranism Changer: Lol;
Jeranism Changer: Eric can you not just admit that your forum clan is a little over- protective and they are going to get you in trouble
Josh Bailey: Jeran, can the recording be uploaded to your channel?
Jeranism Changer: IM A GOOD GUY
EDIT: Please be aware that everything here is verbatim according to Dubay's forums, All I have done is format it so it's easier to read
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SCAMMER CONFIRMED: Everyone needs to know that Dr. Michael Moriarty PhD and the Moriarty Bitcoin Network is a SCAM

This guy is a joke! And I want him to pay for his theft or in jail. I really don't care which one. You can checkout http://antilyze.com for full details but I will try and keep this post short and clear.
  1. I (JC) write an article, an interview about Dr. Michael Moriarty (MM) and his network on CCN. I praise MM for being a bitcoin advocate and he shits on Coinbase and Circle etc. calling them Ponzi etc.
  2. BitcoinTalk user "RickyJames" (RJ) sees the interview and uses MM site "bitlaunder.com" to deposit about 132btc for mixing.
  3. After the coin is not returned for 24 hours, RJ tries to email MM but gets no response. RJ tries support requests and more emails and all go unanswered.
  4. RJ emails me and asks if I will try and contact MM as I did the interview.
  5. I say okay. Assume RJ is full of shit. So, I email MM as to why I have a customer claiming $80,000 in losses at his site.
  6. MM returns my email saying he never heard of RJ, knows nothing of the situation.
  7. RJ emails me a PDF of proof which includes the address he paid the coin to, I check MM site and indeed that is the pay to address and when checking blockchain, RJ proof holds up. Now I'm thinking, "Okay MM, where is this 80k?"
  8. MM emails me and says he can confirm user RJ sent 125 btc and withdraws 123 btc. Claims RJ is a scammer-extortionist and not to worry about him. He also gives me the bitlaunder "payout address" of 1DDWEQM11uMUKiqpGEWvBT2at3CjCw3Vra (1DD)
  9. I again check the blockchain and see the money go from RJ to MM then from MM to 1DD. From 1DD there is never a payout of anything close to 123 btc. So, I simply ask MM for a transaction id.
  10. MM emails me copies of emails of him "taking care" of customers and says, "now do I look like a scammer? I have no need for his 125 btc, I have over 50,000 bitcoins"
  11. This seems crazy, I email Michael and again ask, "MM, this is simple, I need the payout trx id so I can get RJ off my back. Where are his coins?" I tell him the RJ will go to the feds soon, he really should give me the info.
  12. MM then says that if RJ goes to the Feds that RJ will be arrested because the coins are dirty and stolen. Then asks me, "Why would you send someone 125 btc and need them cleaned in 24 hours? Why so quickly? Because they are stolen or hacked that's why"
  13. I email MM and tell him he is wrong. I say that RJ is clean and so are the coins. At this point I'm shocked! How can MM play cop? He runs a launder site and chooses when to send coins back to the customer?
  14. MM emails back and asks to see the proof that RJ and his coins are clean... which I provide him. MM writes back and says that he has checked into RJ and I am right, that RJ and his coins are clean and so he will get them back shortly. Wants RJ to email him with btc address and an agreement that once the 125 btc is returned, that the case is done.
  15. RJ emails MM as requested and MM confirms and says he will send a test transaction for 0.01 btc and then the rest. MM sends 0.01 and then shows his true colors by KEEPING THE REST! He has never sent the rest of the stolen btc.
again, for copies of all emails, see http://antilyze.com
The day after he was supposed to send the 125 btc and did not, MM posts in the forum that he has opened hotbitcoins.com and has decided to "Give Away Free Bitcoin" but fails to respond to any email from JC or RJ about the stolen coins.
Then yesterday, he responds to a thread concerning the safety of investing in btc and claims, "I have invested $400,000 in bitcoin, proof: 1DD.
Like an idiot, he shows the address that he has already told me is the bitlaunder payout address. So, when users send him coin, and he mixes them and then either does or does not (in the case of RJ) return them to the customer, he is claiming that as proof of his btc investments.
Laughable clown! Those are users of your site depositing coin that you are to pay them out with... that isn't investing you fraud scumbag.
Now, MM since when this all began has continued operating all his scam sites including but not limited to:
bitwebhosting.com elaunder.com, bitbuzzer.com, btwager.com, btcstakes.com, bitflippa.com, bitzam.com, bitbrowse.com, bitwant.com, bithyip.com, paidbitcoin.com, duocoin.com, bitarmored.com, coinchill.com, coinchimp.com, bitbiddy.com walletpays.com, vcbtc.com, smoochbay.com, fairbitcoindice.com, bitplastic.com hotbitcoins.com, bitforum.org, bitlisting.com, bitspeculate.com, bit007.com, thebitcoinescrow.com, bitlaunder.com, bitfiverr.com, bitsecurity.com, bitscams.org bitmeetup.com, bitsweeps.com, bitbing.com
Here is his reason, so far, for not paying back RJ. In the course of my trying to get him to admit that he had RJ coins, I sent an email from another account (same IP) in which I even signed the email JC. He was supposed to know it was me, but I was trying to get him to admit that he had the coins. In my email I said, "I know what you've done, so to keep me quiet, I need 20 btc"
I admit now, that wasn't the best idea but I was always in contact with RJ and had MM decided to send the 20 btc, I would have sent it to RJ immediately and with it, the obvious fact that MM has admitted to stealing the coins. Nope, instead MM makes a site named after my name http://jerancampanella.com and claims there that I am a scammer extortionist. Claims I was fired from my job at CCN for writing lies about MM, claims that my house is in foreclosure and that I am scamming bitcoin businesses.
This must stop. I am trying to recover funds for RJ. I wanted nothing out of this. But at this point, I want MM to pay Ricky back or pay by going to jail for running a scam operation.
In the interview he slammed Coinbase and Circle for their practices and wanting to know your private info. On his sites he claims the following:
Customer service is available 24/7 by our support ticket system and we usually respond within hours. Feel free to contact us with questions, concerns, feedback or suggestions for new features. (He did not get back to RJ for days)
If you make money speculating, you may incur 'capital gains taxes' in your country. However, we DO NOT report to any revenue agency or government, nor would we comply with official requests for information. Whether you choose to pay taxes on your profits is your business. (Illegal)
Our privacy policy ensures we do not share information with third parties, including governments or revenue agencies, under any circumstances. Nor do we retain client information or IP logs beyond what is necessary to service your account.
We protect your privacy and anonymity by not storing IP logs or personal information. Nor do we respond to requests to divulge such information.
No personal identifying information is required to sign up, and no IP logs are maintained for the site. We could not identify you to third parties under any circumstances.
We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our website, conducting our business, or servicing you, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential. We may also release your information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our site policies, or protect ours or others rights, property, or safety. However, non-personally identifiable visitor information may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising, or other uses. (Hmmmm conflicting much?)
We will NOT comply with any court order for information pertaining to our clients, nor will we comply with any government request (of any country) for information about our clients. (see paragraph above)
Moral here is that MM is a scumbag. He has tried to scare me into backing down with repeated threats of what will happen if I don't get back to my life. He has also offered me bribes for ignoring RJ and getting back to my life. I will DO NO SUCH THING since they all involve letting him steal $80,000. He has made a recent post on the forum and at jerancampanella.com saying some of his sites have been reported by me and that my claims are "factless." Again, please see http://antilyze where every bit of proof is found. Also see RJ's most recent post here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=713699.0
It is true that I have been and will continue reporting every single site you own. I have already had all your sites listed on badbitcoin.org. Why can't you stop being a douchebag and return the $80,000 you flat out stole from RJ?
Here is why: You are not a Doctor in any way. You are a school boy thief who lives with Mommy You are not Michael Moriarty, and you are not a criminal mastermind like the Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes. He is a character, cause in real life... scam artists like you and Karpeles pay for your actions. You are not a PhD from Stanford. You might have a PhD in being a scammy piece of shit however. You register all your sites under a pseudonym. You register them under a "mailing center" or fake addresses You list fake phone numbers that do not work.
You are attempting to operate a business with a refusal to remain transparent because of the fact that on occasion you see a need to steal your customers money. If you operated your business like the businesses you hate, Coinbase, Circle, etc. you would not be able to steal, because these companies are owned and operated by legit businesses who follow laws which help protect it's customers, and include accountability. You have none of these things. What you do have is nothing more than a movie poster as your identity and of the owner of your company. This allows your customers no redress in the event, such as RJ, of theft of their money when entrusting it to one of your many sites.
I'm available for chat at http://antilyze.com I am not hard to find. I'm not hiding. I'm not the piece of shit and if after reading this you think MM is anything but a piece of shit, then I suggest you look in the mirror and btw, you stink.
Would appreciate comments or any help or ideas on how we get this no good scammer running a scam operation that has probably turned thousands off bitcoin with his theft. See below more sites that talk about this loser MM.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Jeran Campanella
You can add see other sites that are talking about Michael Moriarty below https://bitcointa.lk/threads/bitlaunder-com-scam.184327 http://tedjonesweb.blogspot.ru/2014/01/bitplasticcom-scam-bitplastic-bitcoin.html https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=601675.0 http://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/1v9pzbitplastic_scam/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=613635.0;wap https://muut.com/i/localbitcoins/general-discussion:bitcoin-debit-card-discou_1
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