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Are all the bitcoin mining calculators wrong and is bitcoin mining based only on luck?

If I understand correctly, pools compete with each other to find the right hash of a single block before the others.
The first pool finding the hash gets the 25 bitcoins + fees.
The fact that a pool finds the hash before the others is based on pure luck. All the users of each pool continue to submit hashes. When one of those hashes complies with the difficulty level, the pool has mined the block and gets the bitcoins.
For example, I am mining right now on the gnash.io pool and the pool was able to get the right hash of many blocks one after the other. I get the same amount for each block mined, roughly 0.000026 for 1 Ghps. If the pool mines 5 blocks a day, I get 0.00013 bitcoins, but if the pool is lucky and mines let's say 15 blocks a day, I get 0.00039 bitcoins.
Bitcoin mining calculators can't predict this.
EDIT: just to confirm this, the pool I am using mined 29 blocks yesterday and 40 the day before.
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