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Why isn't there yet a good marketplace like Amazon/Ebay using exclusively Bitcoin for people to sell new and used merchandise worldwide?

I've been searching for marketplaces like this for a while now, and I can't find any serious business having done it yet and it just seems obvious to me that it would be a good service to develop. What are the impediments to have a real worldwide marketplace like this?
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If manufacturers who sell to the public put bitcoin QR codes on their labels, customers could just reorder off the label. This would save the commission paid to sites like Amazon, eBay, and online shopping carts.

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Where can I sell things for bitcoins? (like ebay)

I want to sell different items, but I want them to pay me in bitcoins. There is a platform like eBay, etc. Thank you.
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Is there a site like Ebay I can sell my Iphone X for Bitcoin...

Is there a site like Ebay I can sell my Iphone X on for Bitcoin. Starting prices are wayyy above what I paid for it....
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Can I sell bitcoin in the website like Ebay of Latin /r/BitcoinMarkets

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Not condoning it, but Vega 64 GPUs are selling for $150 - $250 above MSRP on ebay, like hotcakes. Another crypto boom? /r/Amd

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Not condoning it, but Vega 64 GPUs are selling for $150 - $250 above MSRP on ebay, like hotcakes. Another crypto boom? /Amd submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

HMF: A subreddit that i can sell things for like eBay but for bitcoin instead of fiat.

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Where can I sell things for bitcoins? (like ebay) /r/Bitcoin

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Is there a site like Ebay I can sell my Iphone X for Bitcoin... /r/Bitcoin

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Flycoins ICO COMING SOON it's a marketplace kind of like eBay where you can buy and sell things just like eBay but with crypto /r/Bitcoin

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Is it likely Ebay would ban me for selling a Bitcoin themed leather wallet?

My product has a metal Bitcoin emblem on it and could be used for storing a paper wallet; is that grounds for Ebay to cancel my auction?
I didn't list them yet, and now I might not. I thought the item's theme wasn't important (like people putting marijuana leaves on t-shirts where marijuana is illegal,) but am I wrong?
I don't want to get banned before I even get started.
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sell things for bitcoin like eBay

hey where can i go to sell things like electronics and collectible like eBay but i can sell them for BTC i have tried corrket and have not sold anything. thanks in advance
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True Story: I once saved my friend from being cheated on EBay when he tried to sell a Playstation 3 (like 10 years ago). Bitcoin eliminates that risk.

Remember when PS3s were scarce at the very beginning and people waited in line to sell them for a profit on EBay? My friend did that.
We worked together, I watched him list it on EBay. He put the bid like $300ish higher and found a buyer! He was so excited, I was cheering him on :)
I can't remember all the details, I'm sorry, but he got an email from the buyer explaining how the money would be sent via Western Union or something like that. It looked pretty official, and he got an email from "Western Union." To top it off this was being shipped overseas, I kid you not.
I remember he then took the PS3 to the post office, we were psyched. I then started looking the emails, and I wish I could remember what "gave the scam away" for me but I can't. All of a sudden I was like "Fuck."
He got back and I was like "Dude, this is scam, trust me." He was then freaking out, he got ahold of EBay and they confirmed he was being scammed.
He then panicked and drove to the post office really quickly, luckily he got his PS3 back! I felt like such a freaking hero that day :)
I was just reading "The Age of Cryptocurrency" and for some reason it made me think of this old memory. Bitcoin could've prevented that from happening. Sure, PayPal could've too, but it's pretty bad ass that this can be accomplished more cheaply with a protocol :)
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Hello Bitcoin reddit! Where can i sell handmade items for bitcoins, Like ebay or etsy?

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04-05 21:21 - 'Is your right to be wrong. OB is not ebay. And thats the secret and the beauty with it. / Think of it like you have some goods to sell (vegetables) and you go to your local store market, pull out your selling table/box/wh...' by /u/Bitcoin_forever removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-2min

Is your right to be wrong. OB is not ebay. And thats the secret and the beauty with it. Think of it like you have some goods to sell (vegetables) and you go to your local store market, pull out your selling table/box/whatever shelf and start selling your goods. From 9 to 17:00. Then you pack all your goods and table/box/whatever and go home. Next day is another day for market... This is the P2P selling not letting your goods in hands of a distributor that gather from all producers and distribute them all around the world. You sell FRESH goods 1 day only in a BAZAAR. This is Open Bazaar and people really forget how goods was sold in history: P2P in bazaar markets.
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Author: Bitcoin_forever
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I sell 'play mats' on Ebay & Amazon and I'd like to accept Bitcoin - is there any way I can?

Thats it really, any way I can incorporate accepting Bitcoin via Amazon & Ebay as a seller?
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Is the giftcards of the vanilla and eBay and..with more discount(up 40 50%),are sells by users in sites like localbitcoin are legal and legit? /r/AskReddit

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The state of cryptocurrency in China. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying.

It's been a while since I outlined the state of cryptocurrency in China, but I should probably tell you guys why this is important first: Journalists will do anything to shill you their "news" so they can get their sponsor dollars. Crypto YouTubers who comment on the story without reading the original news story or transpiration of events in Chinese further distort this message. With that out of the way, let's dive in to free knowledge.
-Mining is just fine, so long as miners have all of their documents properly registered. The Chinese government thinks, "Whatever, sell this stuff to foreigners. We'll gladly let more USD flow in to our economy in exchange for thin air." -Most Chinese-owned exchanges set up offices abroad, usually in Singapore. Some have dev teams in Malaysia / Taiwan. -The Chinese government hasn't really out-right BANNED crypto ownership as far as I know, but they have certainly made it very difficult to own it. Which leads me to these two points: -I tried sending an APK file for an android phone wallet app to an American buddy of mine and his Chinese-made phone with a specialized Chinese distro of android would not allow him to install it. He sent me a screenshot that showed his phone basically displayed, "Unable to install application." or something similar. -I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Chinese-made distros of Windows, Linux, or Macintosh-specific operating systems do not allow users to install wallets to their desktops either - but I have not verified this. -These last two points can be circumvented by buying phones and operating systems made for foreign countries on China's ebay equivalent, Taobao. -There have been previous court-rulings where bitcoin was recognized as PROPERTY. -My view is that the CCP's attitude is, "Less crypto, less headache. Turn it in to USD and bring it in to China." -I would not be surprised to learn that later down the road the CCP makes a list of present cryptocurrencies that may be bought and sold legally in China in the future. I would only be shocked if bitcoin were not on that list. -It is commonplace for employees of exchanges to get paid in crypto in China. This is usually done with a stablecoin. -I have an undergraduate degree in Chinese and previously worked for a Chinese-owned exchange. This is where my knowledge comes from. -Everything listed here to this point in time should be treated like "law" unless Xi Jinping himself or another government official say otherwise in the near future.
Any questions? Fire away.
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PayPal vs Square: Which Fintech Stock Is A Better Buy?

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating digitalization and has led to a spike in online transactions and e-commerce sales. According to PayPal, the penetration of e-commerce as a percentage of retail sales in the first half of 2020 outpaced prior external forecast by 3 to 5 years. Both consumers and merchants are increasingly adopting digital payments as contactless transactions have become increasingly important amid the current crisis.
The rapid penetration of digital payments led to double-digital revenue growth in the second quarter for PayPal and Square. Using the TipRanks Stock Comparison tool, we will place these two fintech payment firms alongside each other to assess which stock offers a more compelling investment opportunity.
PayPal Holdings (PYPL)
PayPal, which was spun off from eBay in 2015, has emerged as the digital payment leader. In the second quarter, PayPal added 21.3 million net new active accounts, reflecting a 137% Y/Y rise and marking the strongest growth in the company’s history thanks to a surge in e-commerce and digital payments. As of the end of 2Q, PayPal had 346 million active accounts with over 26 million merchant accounts.
The company’s 2Q revenue surged 22.2% Y/Y to $5.26 billion. And adjusted EPS rose 49% to $1.07 as the adjusted operating margin expanded 504 basis points to 28.2%. Total Payment Volume or TPV, which indicates payments processed through the PayPal platform, grew about 29% to $222 billion. Venmo, Paypal’s mobile payments platform, witnessed a 52% growth in its TPV to $37 billion.
Following the strong 2Q momentum, PayPal reinstated its 2020 guidance and in fact, raised it. The company expects revenue growth of 20% and adjusted EPS growth of about 25%. It anticipates adding 70 million net new active accounts this year.
To boost its top-line further and promote touchless payments, PayPal launched QR Code technology in 28 markets globally in May. CVS Pharmacy will be the first retail chain to offer its customers the option to use PayPal and Venmo QR codes at checkout in its US stores. The company will also launch Venmo credit card this year.
PayPal has also expanded its Visa Direct partnership globally to accelerate real-time access to funds for small businesses, consumers and partners across its platform. This collaboration enables PayPal to extend global white label Visa Direct payout services through PayPal and its Braintree, Hyperwallet and iZettle platforms.
On Sept. 22, Mizuho Securities analyst Dan Dolev reiterated a Buy rating for PayPal with a price target of $285 as the Mizuho E-Commerce Tracker showed that unique views across key PayPal partner sites (like Etsy, Groupon and Wayfair) remained strong in July and August and also pointed to potential signs of life in the beleaguered travel category.
The Tracker also indicated that PayPal’s unique views continued to grow ahead of partner websites in the last two months, reflecting persistent share gains for the checkout button. Overall, the analyst expects strong July and August e-commerce trends coupled with share gains to bode well for the company’s second-half TPV. (See PYPL stock analysis on TipRanks)
PayPal stock has rallied about 74% year-to-date and could rise further by 17% in the coming months as indicated by the average analyst price target of $219.77. The stock scores a Strong Buy consensus based on 28 Buys, 5 Holds and no Sell ratings.
Square (SQ)
Payment facilitator Square is growing rapidly as consumers and businesses are migrating online at a faster pace amid the pandemic. From February through August 2020, there was a 13.2 percentage point increase in the share of Square sellers accepting online payments and by August, over 40% of all Square sellers were accepting online payments. Also, by August, more than 7 in 10 Square sellers were accepting contactless payments.
The company’s Cash App ecosystem delivered $1.2 billion in revenue in the second quarter, reflecting a whopping 361% Y/Y growth. The Cash App had over 30 million monthly transacting active customers in June. Aside from the accelerated digital migration, Cash App also gained from the impact of Fed stimulus, unemployment checks and tax refunds.
Second-quarter revenue grew about 64% Y/Y to $1.92 billion. But excluding bitcoin revenue, net revenue of $1.05 billion was flat Y/Y. Meanwhile, 2Q adjusted EPS declined 14.3% to $0.18. The strong growth in Cash App revenue was offset by the 17% decline in the company’s core higher-margin Seller business to $723 million. Square’s gross payment volume or GPV fell 15% Y/Y to $22.8 billion.
The Seller segment was impacted by lower volumes as several businesses were forced to close amid the shelter-in-place orders triggered by the pandemic. However, the company stated that the Sellers business improved with each month in the quarter as restrictions eased and more sellers adapted to the contactless platform.
Meanwhile, GPV from online channels grew over 50% and accounted for 25% of the Seller GPV reflecting the rapid adaption of online solutions by the sellers. (See SQ stock analysis on TipRanks)
Recently, the company announced two new features called On-Demand Pay for employees and Instant Payments for employers. These new features will further integrate Square’s Seller and Cash App ecosystems to offer financial services and simplify payroll.
Loop Capital analyst Kenneth Hill has just initiated coverage of Square with a Buy rating and a price target of $169. The analyst sees a great deal of upside ahead in the fintech company, driven by further investment in the business and monetization of the Cash App. Hill also believes that on the Seller side, the SMB network should "hold in well and continue a sustained recovery."
The Street has a cautious Moderate Buy consensus for Square with 14 Buys, 12 Holds and 2 Sells. Square stock has risen a stellar 149% year-to-date, so the average analyst price target of $151.77 indicates a possible downside of 2.5% ahead.
Bottom line
Both PayPal and Square have strong growth prospects in the digital payments world. If we look at the Street’s consensus and further upside potential, PayPal stock appears to be a better choice than Square currently.
To find good ideas for stocks trading at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks’ Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that unites all of TipRanks’ equity insights.
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I'm trying to bring you guys to the talking table in this post...

This isn't me trying to get you guys to sign up for something with a referral link or attend a one hour class about an "opportunity" like that one dude who tried to sell you VEMA or Amway.
I am simply here to make sure you guys know what you are missing out on. There is a reason people call bitcoin "digital gold".
Paypal ✔ JP Morgan ✔ DBS HQ in Singapore ✔
These are all companies that have / had vocal figures or policies against bitcoin but are now either going back on their word or offering custodial services for bitcoin.
DYOR. Not financial advice.
P.S. Some times I feel like this sub is laughing at eBay for letting a 15 year old take down the entire website back in the 2000s saying, "See guys! I told you internet is a bad idea!" yet here we are talking through the "network of fax machines."
EDIT: Forgot to mention this. I was prompted to make this post because not only is Singapore the HQ of DBS, it's also the highest IQ nation on the planet, so put that in your pipe and smoke it. Ask yourself if you're making a mistake right now.
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[ Bitcoin ] Did I get scammed?

[ 🔴 DELETED 🔴 ] Topic originally posted in Bitcoin by DavePi81 [link]
Someone was selling a cold wallet on Ebay that had 1 bitcoin in it. They were selling the wallet for 2k and thought that was an unbelievable deal. I bought it and they promptly shipped it to me. Once I got the wallet, I checked and couldn't locate the bitcoin inside. Do I need to download something to get the bitcoin or did I fell for a scam?
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READ THIS NOW: My life of SHOULD'VE, WOULD'VE, COULD'VE until I discovered Crypto.

Mostly all here are invested into Crypto. We all have our own reasons, methods, values of how we invest our money. One thing in common is we all have one main goal. That is to get as much money as possible out of this with the time, and money we can spare.

That's the dam truth##.

We are all here together, and since we are all here on our own will , I want to tell you why you should be proud to hold all your crypto.
I'm 40 years old. At 18 after I graduated HS I had about $7800. $1400 from my graduation party, and $6400 selling my MTG collection on EBay. I also managed a small arcade for about $350 a week.
Back to my MTG collection...
I sold it because it changed. The designs on the new series looked too modern. The original designs were a work of art.
Anyway, I seriously wanted to hold those magic cards but I kept telling myself...
"I can get them back if I want. The price isn't going to move anytime soon. The market is in slight decline. Some of these have been the same price for 2 years now."
I was right, the price of my two Lotus's stayed the same for 5 more years. Not budging . 12 years later after that , those same two cards value at over $60,000ea I believe. If I held untill a few years ago or now, I would've been able to do a quick sale at $400,000. Yes at a discount.
The same goes for all the first edition garbage pail kids I had.

So, what did I do with all $7800##?

I told myself I want to invest it into Microsoft. But I talked myself out of it by saying
"Some people told me the market was a risk, and I had to prepare myself to lose it all"
So I didn't do it. I was close, but I didn't. I could've had OVER A MILLION!
I instead used that money for a school. Business computer programming. It was a waste because 90% of what they taught me came natural. I was doing basic programming at 13 for fun.
I regret not going with my initial FOMO on Microsoft , I regret listening to my own FUD with the MTG cards.
7 years later, I repeated the same mistake...
I had about $15,000 in the bank. I wanted to invest $10,000 in apple after I read about the release of the iphone. Instead opted to do 5k over FUD I read. It was FUD about the risk since they never made phones, and alot of people were ridiculing their idea.
Then I said to myself...
"Fuck that, I don't want to do this. I could do so much more with this 5k"
I instead used the 15k turbocharge my transam, add a racing transmission, tires, rims, new stero system, and I took a 2 week vacation ...GONE!
I got what I wanted. Got laid a bunch of times, went to car shows. That could of been $500k by now.
To top this off, I missed out on a quick $78,000 win at the racetrack because if my own FUD. Horses.
I lost $200, and was left with only I $5 that night. I decided, "you know what, fuck it, I'm going to do a completely off the wall wild bet.
I did a completely wild bet for $5. I picked all longshots in what they call a "Superfecta"(4 horses in that exact order 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place prediction.
1 minute before the race started, I Cancelled the bet. I told myself ...
"this is stupid, 99:1, 78:1, 56:1, 38:1 long shots coming out in this order? THATS INSANE...Why am I blowing 5 away? Fuck that, I instead put $5 on the 10:1 to win hopefully my to maybe get $50 back "
Well. Guess what? The 3nd largest superfecta payout in history. No body won it! It came out in the original order I out it in that's to a series of freak disqualifications in the race.
I hate myself for cancelling that. But hey, maybe that happened for a reason. Maybe I wouldn't have ended up living on another country for 2 years. Learning another language.
You see
So many times in my life I had the perfect opportunity, and I didn't take it. I let Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt make my Choices for me.
Then came crypto currency. In late 2016, a client of mine told me he got rich off Bitcoin. He raved about it . He told me about ripple, ETH etc.
I invested in his recommendation about XRP when it was $0.005. it FLEW UP from there. I took some of that massive gain and bought other things, and those FLEW. For someone like me, it was LOTS of money off my original $500.
Sure this was a "lucky time" to get in but that's not the point I'm trying to make here. The point is that I finally did it! I didn't let FUD fuck with my head. I just did it. I cashed out already in late 2017. About 90% of what I gained. Payed off all my debt, and my truck, and had another $30k or so to put a down payment on a house. If I didn't just stick with my guns and let the FUD get to me, then I would still be in a whole bunch of debt. Especially with this whole lockdown bullshit. But now....
NOW ,I never again I will tell myself...
Crypto Currency is severely undervalued. Its manipulated down right now. This about this logic, how can something increasingly popular with more and more support by the day drop in price? Crypto isn't human. Bitcoin isnt getting fired over sexual harrassement, there isn't a corporate takeover. Its manipulation.
I don't care if this shit takes 5 years to recover. I'm holding . I don't care if BTC dips to $1000. I'm holding till this MCAP tops 10 trillion. so if you love your crypto, hold that F#%KING SHIT!
The lesson here is never let FUD make choices for you. Stick to your original beliefs. If there's a voice in the back of your head telling you "I want to do this", then Listen to that voice. That's you! Listen to yourself, not the new voice that intrudes after your choice.
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How to Sell Bitcoin in Coinbase How to Buy and Sell BANNED Products Online What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin Explained Simply for Dummies ... How to buy and sell gift card for cash or bitcoin [Make ... Bitcoin's Movement Acting Like 2016 // Defi Sell-Off ...

The largest risk when selling Bitcoin “on” eBay, is that the transaction must take place off eBay. As previously mentioned, you must use a Classified ad. Classified Ads make it dangerous to sell Bitcoin on eBay. Classified ads essentially match buyers and sellers, but they provide no protection to either party. A screenshot highlighting the downsides of eBay’s classified ads, from eBay ... Now, without any further ado, here are the top 11 eBay selling alternatives of 2019. Amazon. eBay’s Biggest Competitor. We know Amazon isn’t quite the same as eBay. In fact, you can even check out some of the differences in our infographic on Amazon vs eBay selling. However, while they have their differences, it’s almost ... Bitcoin is clearly growing in popularity and demonstrated usefulness. There are security concerns, but if any one has the capabilty to figure these out and deal with them, it is ebay and paypal. is good at what they do, but they do not deal with trans-currency issues. They index prices to current market price of bitcoin, but that is ... At the end of February, Ebay and Amazon both banned third-party vendors who were selling PPE products like masks and disinfectants. There’s no doubt that suppliers have to find other types of ... Get the best deals on Bitcoin Virtual Currency when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items Browse your favorite brands affordable prices.

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How to Sell Bitcoin in Coinbase

Bitcoin's Movement Acting Like 2016 // Defi Sell-Off // Crypto Update. Support this channel and become a Patron: Become ... CEX.IO is a revolutionary platform for buying, mining and selling Bitcoin at one place. Trade Bitcoin, altcoins and fiat money at CEX.IO Bitcoin crypto exchange. Get into cloud mining to get even ... How to buy and sell gift cards is fast becoming a regular topic among young people like you maybe looking for a way to make money online. This is because gif... If you want to a good place to learn more about bitcoin, try Also, for kids, join our facebook page at This MP3 ... We feel that both aspects of buying and selling online will be affected by Forra. Cryptocurrency allows people to save on both buying and selling. We think that selling an item for bitcoin is a ...