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Where can you actually SPEND dogecoins? [Please Add on]

When trying to explain dogecoin to people for the first time, the #1 question I get is "Yeah but, can you actually use it to buy things?"
One of the major things that will take Dogecoin to the moon will be people actually using the Ð. For a currency to gain legitimacy, it's got to be spendable. The good news is, there are sites popping up that take the Ð! Some sites also list other sites that take the Ð and serve as directories. Considering how great this community is and how quickly we are growing, the number of transactions and using Ð as real money could really make the difference!

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BedlamThreadz - Shirts, Caps and Accessories BitDials - Luxury Watches, Jewelry, Bags etc. ClockworkCrypto - Crypto Clothes and merch CrownLifestyle - Beach Articles, Bikinis, Swimsuits, Towels etc. CryptoBantam - Crypto Clothes Cryptoish - Crypto Shirts CryptoShopper - Crypto Clothes and merch CryptoVerge - Bitcoin Shirts CypherMarket - Crypto Shirts, Bags and Mugs Eat Me Clothing - Huge Clothing Sortiment Encrypted Apparel - Crypto Clothes Frank & Beans - Underwear HippTee - Crypto Shirts KALEIDOO - Vintage Clothing Kryptoez - Socks Krypto Threadz - Crypto Clothes MyCoconutHeart - Women Clothes MyCryptoGear - Crypto Clothes ParkAndFinch - Glasses Print-Ted - Crypto merchandise collection and Design your own shirt Sakama - Leather Jackets & handknotted rugs The DOTA scene - DOTA Merchandise WhaleApparel - Crypto Clothes

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All links are provided with the best of my knowledge.Please make sure to check the shops listed here yourself again, before spending your Dogecoins there.In no way should the admin of this website be responsible for any fraudulently activities from any listed shop.

Thanks to Dimi for the links
DimiFWDonate: D62WT9ebWbVW8QtBE57TE8CUaH3s95T3dN
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[HUB] Introducing Aion Network

Aion is the first platform to connect public blockchains not only to other public blockchains, but to private enterprise blockchains. Aion is a third-generation blockchain network that will enable any private or public sector blockchain to:
Aion-1: At the root of the Aion network is a purpose-built, public, third-generation blockchain called Aion-1. Designed to connect other blockchains and manage its own applications, Aion-1 also provides the economic system that incentivizes interoperability in the ecosystem.
AION tokens are the fuel used to create new blockchains, monetize interchain bridges, and secure the overall network. The AION token is initially being offered on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. As soon as the Aion network is operational, these ERC-20 tokens can be seamlessly converted to AION network tokens, and will continue to be able to flow freely back and forth between these two blockchains.
Thank you for supporting the Aion project! Let us know what more you want to see in this post and it will continue to evolve.
One last time, join us on Discord and Telegram
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KryptoKit, the World’s First Instant Bitcoin Wallet & Secure Encrypted Messaging System, launched at Inside Bitcoins Conference

KryptoKit has launched the world's first Google Chrome extension instant Bitcoin wallet and secure payment system. It offers the fastest and simplest Bitcoin wallet setup and payment method, with key features such as:
You can download KryptoKit for FREE on the Chrome Web Store:
Read more about KryptoKit:
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My private key was hacked by a bot for 18+ bitcoins.
My fault completely. I created a KryptoKit wallet and inadvertently made a private key by mashing the keyboard. I know I know, I made a mistake. But if the new owner of the bitcoin can find it in their heart to return some of them, it would be greatly appreciated. Please return to 1GTupfbRa9P4mUtZvjU1sAUkXGsedDQKQX.
If you want to message me, I can verify information that only I would know.
I understand this is a long shot. I understand I made a mistake. Lesson learned.
Edit: I also created this post to defend KryptoKit. To tell the bitcoin community that it was my fault and no fault of the security behind KK. Correction, bot guessed my brainwallet, not priv key.
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SatoshiPay launches with nanopayments, lightweight paywalls, and instant wallets replacing ads across the web

This is an automatic summary, original reduced by 77%.
At the same time, it helps bring new users into bitcoin by automatically generating them a super-simple bitcoin wallet, in their browser, which they can keep tiny amounts of bitcoin in to bypass these paywalls.
When a user arrives on a page they'll see a message pop up over the blocked content, informing them about the payment needed, and how to top up their wallet.
Even a few satoshis, sent from a typical phone wallet like Mycelium or a browser wallet like KryptoKit, can load your wallet in just a few seconds.
There's a setting for "Auto pay," allowing the wallet to instantly pay for content without any user interaction, a setting for backing up the wallet by exporting the private key, and there is also a nice set of instructions and a support link.
In the meantime, clearing relevant cookies might be necessary to get the wallet to work at first, but once it does, clearing specific cookies will make it forget your private key, and you'll lose your balance! Stay vigilant while setting it up, and be sure to back up any amount you'd rather not lose.
To cut down on the number of blockchain transactions, as well as the amount of bitcoin mining fees needed, SatoshiPay collates the payments, and debits the user's wallet when they leave a site.
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KryptoKit problems

How i can get my money out from KryptoKit? 0.01 bitcoin for him who can help me out from kryptokit. New here, and I didn't find a discussion on this subject. Thanks.
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Why does KryptoKit v0.33 suddenly require access to tabs and browsing activity?

I didn't approve any update and Chrome automatically updated the extension for me. Now I can't access it unless I agree with new permissions "access to tabs and browsing activity"...
There is probably nothing notorious going on and I can probably easily approve and get access to the bitcoins. But before I do that, I woud like to know where I can find details (and the code) for this recent change. Unfortunately the GitHub repository doesn't contain any changes since v0.26 (from 23 days ago)
Does anybody know where I can find the changelog for v0.33, verify the corresponding source and validate that the plugin is actually built from that source?
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KryptoKit-like plugin for Dogecoin?

New threads get buried quickly, I am just re-posting this so it doesn't get lost and some devs take a look.
Bitcoin has KryptoKit for Chrome.
Are there plans for Dogecoin to have something of the kind? It'd be cool to make small payments on the PC quickly without having to run big guys - Dogecoin-qt and MultiDoge.
In fact, KryptoKit should be open source, right? Could it be modified for Dogecoin? Oh, and it has secure messaging system too, which is cool. I think many more shibes and future shibes would find this plugin useful.
Can we crowdfund development of this plugin?
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Kryptokit Bitcoin wallet review Neuer Bitcoin-Absturz: Kauf-Chance? Crypto Traveler - YouTube BITCOIN BULLENMARKT hiermit (endgültig) bestätigt? EOS & Cryptopia  Krypto News Deutsch BITCOIN nach der KRISE? Erst DEFLATION dann INFLATION! Meine Meinung! Krypto News Deutsch

Bitcoin erneut über 13.000 $ – So steht es jetzt um die Kryptowährung Posted On Oktober 24, 2020 0 Der Bitcoin Kurs ist vor wenigen Stunden erneut über die 13.000 $ Marke geklettert. With Krypto-Kit you are able to create a bitcoin wallet instantly without usernames or passwords, and it also provides client side encryption in order to keep your wallet secure against attacks ... Recent News & Activity. Details. Industries . Computer. Finance. Network Security. Headquarters Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Headquarters Regions Great Lakes; Founded Date 2013; Founders Anthony Di Iorio; Operating Status Active; Last Funding Type Seed; Company Type For Profit; KryptoKit is an instant Bitcoin wallet and secure instant messaging system that runs right in your browser ... News; Bitcoin. Gemini Review. Bitfinex posts a bounty/reward for 2016 Bitcoin hackers. Crypto market crash may have been the result of market manipulation. Chinese BTC Miners Can Oust Western Competition. Lebanese Bitcoin Scammer’s Identity Revealed After Two Years of Covert Cybersecurity . All Bitcoin basics Buy/Spend Physical coins Storage. Ethereum. Gemini Review. DXdao Announces “Rails ... Krypto-Kritiker Nouriel Roubini führt gegenüber Octavian aus, dass für ihn ein neuer Bullrun nicht in Frage kommt (frei übersetzt): Der Höhepunkt dieser Blase war 2017. Zu Beginn dieses Jahres war Bitcoin etwa 1.000 Dollar wert. Auf dem Gipfel war es fast 20.000 Dollar wert. Allein in diesem Jahr stieg er um das 20fache. Das hatte nichts ...

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Kryptokit Bitcoin wallet review

Beschreibung: Der Bitcoin (BTC) ist am Wochenende erneut deutlich unter Druck geraten und inzwischen unter die Marke von 8.000 US-$ gefallen. Jetzt taucht natürlich die Frage auf, was sind die ... News Live Fashion Spotlight 360° Video Browse channels ... CryptoReport accepts Bitcoin and KryptoKit Demo - Duration: 4 minutes, 37 seconds. Crypto Traveler. 309 views ; 5 years ... Bitcoin (BTC) Update! Blick auf die Charts und die News des Tages! 💰 $1090 Bonus bei ByBit sichern: Bitcoin (BTC) Update! Blick auf die Charts und die News des Tages! 💰 $1090 Bonus bei ByBit sichern: Für Aktionäre war das Börsenjahr 2018 alles andere als erfreulich! Stand heute wird sich der deutsche Leitindex mit einem Minus von gut 15 Prozent aus dem Ja...